The Most Follow-Worthy Cobb County Interior Design Instagram Accounts

You’re probably spending a lot of time on social media because you’re stuck at home during the quarantine. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge! While you’re at it, you might want to check out these interior design Instagram accounts in Cobb County! Whether you want to see home styling inspiration or you just want to pass time, these accounts are sure to indulge you with great content. Ready to scroll through pages after pages of amazing photos? Take a look at our favorite accounts below!

Kandrac & Kole


Kandrac & Kole is voted one of Atlanta’s Top 20 Residential Interior Designers, and they share their best work via their Instagram account. Their signature is their amazing use of color and pattern and the addition of custom pieces.

See the amazing play of colors and textures in this dining room. It’s blue, but it’s definitely cozy and inviting! The color palette is elegantly elevated by the simple addition of Chinese ceramics, and the unique design even features a patterned ceiling. The attention to detail is something not usual for dining spaces.

Texture is added in this living room by simply incorporating movable pieces such as rugs, pillows, and art. The elements are all tied together by a statement light fixture. It looks amazing now, but it won’t be a problem to switch it up in the future in any case the client wants a new look!

It’s also cool to see their design process when they share their renderings. Take a look at how gorgeous this family room is! This beautiful presentation made the client see the value of having an interior designer because professionals can see what clients can’t!

If you want to view more Kandrac & Kole projects, check out their blog and podcast.

H&R Staging & Design


If you’re interested in home staging, visit H&R Staging and Design’s Instagram page. They are one of the leading home staging companies in Atlanta and they help clients sell properties faster and for a higher asking price. H&R believes that presentation is the key to success. Their projects, while on the minimal side, always look homey, inviting, and classy.

Take a look at how nicely done this dining area is. The colors are muted but not boring, and the palette provides an airy feel to the space. The light fixtures also provide additional visual interest while not taking away from the beauty of the space. It’s a picture-perfect place for family dinners.

Here’s a before and after of an open layout living and dining space that they styled. It’s amazing to see what difference their staging projects make! The house looks decent bare, but the addition of furniture and styling pieces took it to another level. The blue pops of color brought the space to life.

If you want to see them work their magic from blank canvases to stunning homes, go click that follow button!

Outrageous Interiors


Outrageous Interiors specializes in chic designs, made more appealing by their play of textures. Not only are they a design firm, but they also sell their own furniture. Their account highlights their residential and commercial furniture customers.

This modern farmhouse design is minimal but still looks charming and cozy. The play of wood, leather, and stone makes for a delightful countryside vibe. The spotted couches also add that extra layer of interest and elegance. It really is the simple details that matter.

As if the blue waters of the pool aren’t calming enough, the way they styled this poolside makes it even more serene. Imagine the soft colors of the furniture against the glistening sunshine. If we were here, we’d probably hang out by the pool all day long! The simplicity of this spot just makes it even more gorgeous.

Their photo captions are also quirky and fun to read! It feels like chatting with a friend who geeks out about design. If you want to look at lovely pictures and giggle at fun little stories, go ahead and follow Outrageous Interiors.

Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs


If you’re interested in luxury projects, head over to Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs’ Instagram. They’re an architecture and interior design firm that uses modern and traditional designs to match their clients’ careers and lifestyles. A first glance on their page automatically gives off a luxurious vibe.

Take a look at this custom walk-in closet. The room looks like a boutique shop! The cabinetry is perfectly built to showcase the best designer pieces. The golden island adds even more charm to the room. If you want to learn more about this gorgeous project, Jeffrey Bruce Baker has a video explaining their design process. The details here are just amazing. 

This powder room is the definition of gorgeous! Who would’ve thought a mere powder room could look this good, right? The elegant wallpaper matched with the gold-framed mirror just evokes class. It’s definitely something we don’t see every day.

Aside from photos, JBB Designs uploads videos talking about their builds. It’s great to see a designer explain the technicalities of the design and build process in a fun way. Even though their projects are huge, they don’t try to intimidate their audience at all. You’ll definitely enjoy and learn a lot from their page.

We hope you enjoyed looking at these interesting interior design accounts on Instagram! If you have more account recommendations, just comment them down below.

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