These Cobb County Neighborhoods Have the Best-Rated Schools

Purchasing a home isn’t just about the house itself. When you are looking for a new home to settle in and raise a family, one of the most important things you need to consider is how highly rated the nearby schools are that your children will attend. Ensuring they receive the best education possible will empower them later in life and provide them with fun and memorable experiences as they grow up. 

However, with so many school districts to pick from, it can be time-consuming and daunting to figure out which neighborhoods would be best for your family.

With the help of data from, we put together this list of neighborhoods with access to the best schools around. Not every school is located in the neighborhood, but the culmination of schools that serve each neighborhood creates its overall score. Let’s dive right in!

Seven Springs

Many families enjoy living in East Cobb for its gorgeous homes and quality schools for their children to attend. For families looking to place their children in some of the best schools in the county, Seven Springs offers a place to live near highly rated schools for K-12 students. As one of many neighborhoods in East Cobb, you will be near Dodgen Middle School and Walton High School, both of which are highly rated by families and students. 

Additionally, for families with younger children, Seven Springs has two excellent nearby options: East Side Elementary School and Mount Bethel Elementary School. If you are thinking of settling somewhere in East Cobb, consider looking for a home in Seven Springs. 

Carlisle Acres 

Located northeast of Marietta, Carlisle Acres is a neighborhood that is surrounded by many quality schools, making it an excellent neighborhood to find a home and raise a family. Nearby, you have Mountain View Elementary School and Rocky Mount Elementary School, both of which offer high-quality education and talented teachers. 

For middle schoolers, Simpson Middle School and Mabry Middle School are within a close distance. Finally, as far as high schools go, Lassiter High School is located near the center of Carlisle Acres and is one of the highest-rated schools in Cobb County. With so many great schools nearby, Carlisle Acres should be high on your list of places to consider moving to and finding a home.


Similarly located in the northeast of Cobb County, between Marietta and Roswell, Windrush is a sizable neighborhood within reach of some fantastic schools. Nearby are Hightower Trail Middle School and Tritt Elementary School, both of which have excellent teachers and offer high levels of academic proficiency among their student bodies. 

Furthermore, living in Windrush places you within reach of one of the best schools in Northern Georgia, Pope High School. If you are looking to strike a good balance between reasonably priced housing and academic excellence, consider looking for a home in Windrush.

Greyfield North 

If you are looking for a home in or around Kennesaw, you should look at Greyfield North. Located near Cobb County International Airport, this neighborhood features lovely homes at reasonable market prices, in addition to being near some great schools for your kids. Both Bullard Elementary School and McClure Middle School are highly rated by families and neighbors, and they are near each in case you have to drop your kids off at both schools.

You will also be close to one of the best-rated high schools in Cobb County, Kennesaw Mountain High School, which is known for its academic excellence and college prep. If you are determined to set your kids on a path to academic success, then this neighborhood within Kennesaw could be the place for you.  

Smyrna Heights

For military families looking for a home around Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Smyrna Heights offers a good balance between affordable homes, access to good schools, and is within a close distance to the air base. Nearby schools include Smyrna Elementary School, Campbell Middle School, and Campbell High School, all of which have stellar ratings from families around the neighborhood. 

Other advantages include nearby access to I-75 and I-285, which may be important to you depending on your needs or where you work. If you love golfing and want to live close to the base, consider looking for a home in Smyrna Heights.

Hill Forest Estates 

If you enjoy nature and playing by the lakeside, Hill Forest Estates puts you right next to Lake Acworth and could be what you are looking for. The homes here tend to be on the pricier end, but it does offer quality schools for your children, who can then play by the lake once school is out. 

Living here places you near Pickett’s Mill Elementary School, Durham Middle School, and Allatoona High School, all of which have dedicated teachers that strive to create safe and academically excellent environments for your kids. Allatoona High School also has highly rated college preparatory programs for you to take advantage of, so consider this neighborhood in Acworth if you are looking for a great place to raise kids.


Last but not least is Whitlock, located in Marietta on the west side of I-75. Not only do you have easy access to downtown Marietta, but you will be near Hickory Hills Elementary School, Marietta Middle School, and Marietta High School, with several more options for elementary schools in the area. 

Marietta High School offers highly rated clubs and activities for students to enjoy and solid college prep to prepare them for the future. Depending on where you work, Whitlock could offer the best balance between proximity to work and highly rated schools to send your children. If living within the city limits is important to you, you may want to consider finding a home here.

Consider These Neighborhoods With The Best Rated Schools

When looking for a place to settle down, finding a location with great schools nearby is just as important as the house itself when raising a family. Not only do you want to make sure your kids can get to school without too much hassle, but you also want to make sure they are highly rated by the families who attend.

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