What’s Included in a Home Purchase?

Buying a house is one of the most exciting and major milestones in life! When you are preparing to purchase a home, it’s important to have a list of what you need and want.

Don’t assume that everything you see while touring a house comes with it. While many obvious items are commonly included, many others are not. If you’re not already familiar with the ins and outs of home buying, then don’t worry because today we’ll talk about what is and isn’t included in a home purchase.

What Comes with the Home

Anything that is permanently affixed or built in to the home is included in most home purchasing contracts. Though it would seem obvious, you’d be astonished at how many sellers think they can take anything with them. Here’s a list of what’s included with the home in most typical contracts.


Any built-in features, such as built-in window seats and built-in bookshelves, come with the home. The same applies to any built-in outdoor cooking equipment like an oven, grill, or kitchen area.


  • HVAC units – These are always included in the home purchase as it is a part of the home.
  • Dishwasher – The majority of sellers include this in the home purchase
  • Range and oven – While some appliances don’t automatically come with the home, built-in ovens and ranges always do.

Outdoor Items

  • Pool equipment – Pool equipment is considered to be part of the structure of the pool and is therefore included in the sale of the home. Pool accessories, on the other hand, are not included in the purchase.
  • Landscaping in the ground – Apart from potted plants, shrubbery, trees, and other landscaping planted in the ground come with the house when you purchase it.
  • Mailboxes – Sellers will typically leave a home’s mailbox with the property, whether it’s wall-mounted or streetside.

Security and Safety Items

  • Storm shutters and panels – If you reside in a region that is prone to hurricanes, you’ll want to make sure that sellers leave all storm shutters and panels behind.
  • Smoke detectors – When selling a house, sellers should never remove the smoke detectors. It’s advised that buyers ensure the batteries are functioning properly upon move-in.
  • Garage door openers and other access devices – Sellers always give the new owners the access devices and codes. This covers all security devices, garage door openers, and gate openers.

Decor, Accents, and Lightning

  • Drapery rods, blinds, and window treatments- These elements are typically installed and attached to the home. In most cases, they are included in the sale of the home.
  • Curtains and drapes – Curtains and drapes are also almost always included in the purchase.
  • Mirrors – Bathroom mirrors that are bolted to the walls will come with the house. Decorative mirrors are also almost always included in a home purchase.
  • Chandelier, pendants, and other light fixtures – Light fixtures that are affixed to the home are included in the sale. However, the inclusion of light fixtures of higher value can vary and may be factored into the overall home price by the seller.
  • Ceiling fans – These fixtures are a permanent part of the home and remain with the property upon sale.
  • All installed hardware – Most hardware items, such as bathroom fixtures, cabinet pulls and knobs, doorknobs, and similar items, are included in the purchase.

Items That Are Sometimes Included in a Home Purchase

Usually, these things are not included with the home, although on occasion they may be, depending on the seller’s requirements and preferences.


  • Non-built-in microwaves – Countertop microwaves belong to sellers and may not be included in the home purchase.
  • Refrigerator – Sellers often have the right to take it; buyers may need to specify in the purchase agreement if they want it.
  • Free-standing ranges and ovens – While most appliances may not be included in the purchase, free-standing ranges and ovens are sometimes included.  
  • Washer and Dryer – Unless indicated otherwise by sellers, they are not typically built-in and may require a specific request in the offer.

Wall-Mounted Items

  • Organizational systems or garage shelvings – If not built into the home, they might not automatically come with the house; clarification from the seller is advisable.
  • TV mounting brackets – Typically left with the home, but buyers should confirm with sellers about their plans.

 Recreational Items

  • Hot tub – Stand-alone hot tubs may or may not come with the purchase, but sellers might include them due to the expense and difficulty of moving them.

What’s Not Included in a Home Purchase

These items are rarely included but they are sometimes purchased separately by the buyers.

Television (TVs)

Homes generally don’t come with televisions, even if wall-mounted. Buyers should be aware that these electronic devices are typically considered personal property and are not part of the standard home sale.

Anything That Is Not Permanently Attached

Movable items not attached to the home like artwork and rugs fall under personal properties. These belong to the seller and can be removed before closing unless explicitly included in the purchase agreement. So, if it’s not bolted down or glued in, it’s best to clarify.

Furniture (Outdoor and Indoor)

Typically, decor and furnishing are not automatically included in the home sale, unless explicitly mentioned by the seller. Buyers can choose to acquire these items separately from the sellers, either through a separate transaction or as part of the overall purchase agreement.

Remember that when purchasing a property, everything is negotiable. You, as a buyer, can always ask to purchase or include items that are normally not included in a home purchase. Conversely, sellers are free to decide whether or not to include some items in the sale of their property that are usually included in a home purchase.

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