Health and Wellness Spots in Cobb You Need to Know About

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often easier said than done. However, Cobb County boasts a wealth of health and wellness resources that cater to diverse needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new fitness routine or a way to relax and unwind, the county provides a range of options for individuals seeking to prioritize their well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the area’s premier health and wellness establishments.

Floasis Float and Sauna Center

3655 Roswell Rd NE Suite 85, Atlanta, GA 30342

(404) 500-3100

Located less than a 30-minute drive south of Marietta, Floasis stands out as the only float center in the state that features FloatSPA float cabins. These innovative sensory deprivation tanks empty between each guest, ensuring unparalleled cleanliness.

Float therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, is effective for anxiety, stress management, easing chronic pain, improving sleep, and reducing inflammation. On the other hand, saunas help the body create Heat Shock Proteins, which increase muscle recovery and immune function.

Studio Recovery

3894 Due W Rd NW Suite #265, Marietta, GA 30064

(770) 675-7179

Studio Recovery is the go-to destination for those seeking a holistic approach to recovery. This establishment caters to diverse wellness needs by offering a variety of treatments, including cryotherapy, infrared sauna sessions, compression therapy, NuCalm therapy, halotherapy, oxygen therapy, muscle stimulation therapy, and dry salt therapy.

Cryotherapy is one of the finest approaches to total body wellness, as it promotes cellular regeneration, reduces stress, and helps muscles recover. Whether you’re looking for overall rejuvenation or recovering from an intense workout, Studio Recovery has you covered.

Natural Body Spa and Shop

1675 Cumberland Pkwy SE #410, Smyrna, GA 30080

(770) 437-0780

Natural Body Spa and Shop, voted “best day spa” in Atlanta and Gwinnett, boasts a rejuvenating spa experience with comfort and safety as the top priority. With services ranging from Cupping Treatment to Canna-bliss (CBD) Massage, this spa provides a holistic approach to well-being and relaxation.

On top of the massages and body therapies, the spa also offers facials and peels, laser treatments, Coolsculpting, botox and filler, waxing and tinting, and signature nail services. The skilled therapists tailor each session to meet your own needs, offering a personalized escape from the stresses of daily life.

Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi

2595 Sandy Plains Rd #9, Marietta, GA 30066

(770) 779-9642

Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi is a community-centric studio that allows you to embrace holistic fitness. This studio offers a blend of Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, and Tai Chi and Qigong through in-studio and online classes.

You can expect benefits from their practice including improved sleep, enhanced focus and creativity, improved flexibility and physical strength, and increased confidence and drive. Catering to all skill levels, these classes provide a comprehensive approach to enhancing both mental and physical health.

Jeju Sauna

3555 Gwinnett Pl Dr NW, Duluth, GA 30096

(678) 336-7414

Just 30 miles east of Marietta, Jeju Sauna is a unique and affordable spa experience for the whole family. This traditional Korean bathhouse presents a myriad of 24/7 beauty and wellness services.

Apart from the heated pool and mani/pedi, you can enjoy a hip bath, Swedish body massage, acupressure massage, foot reflexology, or get your sweat on in the cardio fitness room. Jeju Sauna is open even during holidays, and they guarantee you’ll have a relaxing, refreshing, and memorable visit.

Mountain View Aquatic Center

3131 Hong Wy NE, Marietta, GA 30066

(770) 509-4925

For those who prefer aquatic activities, Mountain View Aquatic Center has aqua aerobics programs. You can engage in a low-impact yet highly effective exercise routine.

Their classes include Deep Water Aerobics, Shallow Water Aerobics, and Adaptive Aquatics. There’s also an Arthritis class, a non-aerobic workout, that works your joints from head to toe.

Club Pilates

1453 Terrell Mill Rd Suite 145, Marietta, GA 30067

(404) 446-3662

Club Pilates goes beyond traditional Pilates exercises by incorporating the TRX suspension training system. This studio caters to different fitness levels with its signature classes, ensuring an engaging and effective workout.

Improving flexibility, strengthening your core, increasing bone density, and building muscle and stamina are just some of the benefits you can reap from each class. For first-timers, you can try the intro class for free!

Art It Out Therapy Center

738 Woodlawn Dr NE, Marietta, GA 30066

(770) 726-9589

Addressing mental health is essential for overall well-being, and Art It Out Therapy Center walks by your side as you express, enrich, and empower your life. The center provides a safe space and an array of services that meet the needs of each individual.

Moreover, they specialize in using talk therapy and creative therapy to help children, adolescents, and adults who are dealing with grief or loss, anxiety, ADHD, high-functioning autism, and difficulty adjusting to transition. Other services they offer include summer camp, group therapy, support for parents, and community outreach.

Sol Yoga Studio

3931 Mary Eliza Trace NW #210, Marietta, GA 30064

(706) 816-1127

Sol Yoga Studio prides itself on its welcoming and safe space for everyone to practice yoga. Their mission is to foster a supportive and positive yoga community for all ages and all levels.

With weekly offerings such as Heated Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Yin/Deep Stretching, and Aerial Yoga, there’s a class for anyone seeking flexibility and balance. Each class has a different focus; for example, the Yin/Deep Stretching Yoga focuses on increasing mobility in the body, especially the hips and joints.


427 Moreland Ave NE #800, Atlanta, GA 30307

(678) 856-8060

FLO2S, the state’s largest floatation therapy chamber, is just a half-hour drive from Marietta. This center offers a combination of massage therapy, infrared therapy, floatation therapy, and special packages.

Float therapy can reduce stress and anxiety, heighten creativity, relieve pain, and reset your biological clock. On the contrary, the benefits of infrared therapy include detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, stress reduction, skin rejuvenation, and helping maintain heart health.

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