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Cobb County Q1 2022 Housing Market Update

While this time of the year tends to be somewhat slower when it comes to real estate, the overall market here in Cobb County has continued its uptick through the first quarter. As it’s still a seller’s market, this has had a considerable impact on the number of homes available to potential buyers.


Cobb County, GA Housing Market Predictions for 2022

Will the housing market in Cobb County continue to grow in 2022? If so, how much more growth can be sustained before another housing market bubble bursts? How far will interest rates rise over the year and how will we deal with a historic shortage of housing stock?


Cobb County Q4 2021 Housing Market Update

The fourth-quarter numbers reveal that the housing market in Cobb County continues to improve. These numbers, combined with the overall numbers for the year, show what many of us have been predicting since the end of 2020—2021 was going to be a red hot market. We were right and are encouraged that things continue to look promising. How long that will hold true in the new year remains to be seen, but first let’s take a look at the fourth quarter 2021 numbers for Cobb County, Georgia.


Cobb County Q3 2021 Housing Market Update

The third quarter numbers are good news for the housing market in Cobb County. While it may be a bit of a seller’s market, it’s a good time for buyers and sellers to take advantage of current market conditions.


Q2 2021 Housing Market Update

If you can afford to purchase a stake in the real estate market in Cobb County right now, the statistics suggest that now is the time to do so.


Cobb County Real Estate Market Update – Q1 2021

Is the real estate market in Cobb County going in an upward or downward direction? Are home prices still increasing? How long is it taking to sell homes? We answer all these questions in this blog post.

Cobb County Market Update: Q4 2020

One positive thing we can always look back to in 2020 is the real estate market’s performance. Curious to know how the Cobb County market did during Q4 2020? Click this post!

Cobb County Market Update: Q3 2020

The pandemic has had a significant impact on many industries, but the real estate market remains strong and stable despite the odds. If you want to know how the Cobb County market performed during Q3 2020, check out the stats in this article.

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