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Savor the Sun: Top 10 Brunch Spots with Outdoor Seating in Cobb County

From Southern comfort food to contemporary American cuisine, these eateries offer mouthwatering dishes that cater to every taste bud. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 best brunch spots with outdoor seating in Cobb County.

Q1 2023 Housing Market Update for Cobb County, Georgia

The housing market is always changing, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends. If you’re curious about what’s happening in Cobb County, Georgia, then you’ll want to read this blog post.

Elevate Your Cobb County Garden with These 10 Must-Have Native Plants for Spring

Discover the top 10 native plants for your eco-friendly garden in Cobb County, Georgia! Get expert tips on planting and caring for your garden and transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis today!

The Best Cobb County Spring Hikes

Grab your boots and walking sticks, it’s springtime! Get ready to experience Cobb County in full bloom on these magnificent hikes.

These 7 Cobb County Charities Need Your Donations

A hot meal. A fresh pair of socks. A warm bed to sleep in. These are all basic needs that many in Cobb County struggle with. Here are some charities that are coming to the rescue.

2023 Cobb County Housing Market Predictions

Curious if it’s going to be a good year in the Cobb County real estate market? We have all the answers you need.

5 Unique Locally Made Valentine’s Gifts in Cobb County

There is something special about a Valentine’s Day gift with a little bit of extra hometown charm; here are the best locally made Valentine’s Gifts in Cobb County.

Cobb County Q4 2022 Housing Market Update

We’ve seen better, but we’ve definitely seen worse when it comes to the Cobb County real estate market. The fourth quarter saw a deceleration in home sales and prices, however, the market remains quite resilient when compared to just one year ago.

The Most Expensive Cobb County Home Sales of 2022

Many people gravitate to Cobb County for its rich history and scenic landscapes in search of their dream homes. While it’s not the most expensive zip in the country or even close to it, several properties sold in 2022 had hefty price tags. That said, check out this list of the most expensive Cobb County home sales of 2022.

The 12 Best Cobb County Restaurants to Celebrate the New Year

With the New Year about to begin, one of the best ways to celebrate the occasion with family and friends is by dining out. Check out these family-friendly, romantically minded, or unique dining experiences that you can visit to kick off the New Year!

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